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Clydesdale Bank International is not accepting any new deposits or new customers

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Important Information

Term Deposits Reaching Ultimate Maturity On/Before 30 June 2015

Term Deposits that are due to reach their ultimate maturity date on/before 30 June 2015 will mature naturally on their due date(s).

Term Deposits Reaching Ultimate Maturity After 30 June 2015

To ensure no loss of interest, all Term Deposits that are due to mature after 30 June 2015, will have their interest calculated up to the ultimate maturity date of each deposit. The full amount of interest due for the term of each deposit will be applied to the capital sum invested and will be repaid earlier than the ultimate maturity date. The exact date will be advised to you in writing.

You can download a form to close your account, please see the link below.

If you have any questions please see the quick link to Contact Us.